About us

Company Profile

Founded in 2007, Hejrat Import and Export Ltd. is a leading distributor of the finest dry fruits, nuts, rice, spices & legumes from all around the world in Canada. Our company is proudly Canadian owned and family operated in Central Ontario. We pride ourselves in delivering only the highest quality products to our customers and always maintaining excellent customer service.

In 2002, Hejrat all began when we first opened up our South Asian grocery store in Toronto, a staple in the South Asian community. Our grocery store was one of the largest and attracted customers from all across the province. We loved seeing the smiles on the faces of our customers who truly enjoyed our premium products and excellent customer service. As time went on we developed a greater passion in the supply chain and perfecting it, so we transitioned the business into an Import & Export to be able to deliver that same great customer service & premium products but to a much larger audience.

Since then, the company has grown a great deal and has become a leader in the wholesale and ethnic food industry. Our company has 15+ years experience in importing and distributing authentic food products in grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries, distributors and various establishments all across Ontario. As an international importer we source authentic products from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkey, India, U.S.A, South Africa and more. Our Premium Rice is exported from Pakistan all across Europe and Asia under different brands, with the help of our white label service.

From overwhelming customer demand we have now made available our premium products for online purchase and no-contact delivery right to your doorstep. 

Our Mission:

To bring the wonderful tastes of the world from our family to yours, so that we can promote a healthy and happy lifestyle. 

Our Core Values:

  • Reliability – We put customer service at the fore front of our business model & make sure we exceed you expectations
  • Integrity – We truly believe in dealing with respect & honor in all of our relationships and interactions
  • Sustainability – We always look to enhance farming communities & put all of our suppliers through rigorous sustainability checks
  • Community – Our company truly hopes to create a lasting positive impact on as many lives as possible & create social change in struggling communities
  • Pursuit of Excellence – We strive to be a forerunner in our industry but also in giving back to our global societies